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when why to use delegates

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  • Where do I use delegates? [closed] 8 answers

I'm somewhat new in c#, & I'm considering <sturdy>when to use Delegates correctly.they're widely utilized in events declaration , but if should I use them in my very own code and why are they helpful?, why to not use something else?

I'm additionally thinking about <robust>after I must use delegates and I don't have some other selection.

Thx for the lend a hand.

EDIT: I assume I've discovered a <robust>essential use of Delegates right here

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A delegate is a straightforward class that may be used to indicate to methods with a particular signature, turning into essentially a sort-secure serve as pointer. A delegate's purpose is to facilitate a decision back to any other method (or methods), after one has been completed, in a structured way.

While it may be imaginable to create an intensive set of code to accomplish this capability, you don�t want too. You can use a delegate.

Creating a delegate is simple to do. Identify the category as a delegate with the "delegate" key phrase. Then specify the signature of the sort.

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